My booklets

My friend Eva Bolinder, who also did the layout for the Christmas Calender 2016, said that it would be great with a lay of the land on my many booklets, so that you all can see, how far I am with getting them translated into other languages.

Here is how it looks right now.

I'm working on layouting the ones I have gotten my friends to translate into English and setting up for easier translation into the other languages.
But it looks like I will have pattern booklets on the way in English and German within the next year and maybe even before summer, if I can get some help translating =D

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  1. Vill du ha hjälp med översättningen undrar jag? Jag är från Irland med engelska som modersmål; jag talar flytande svenska och förstår norska ock danska, så om du vill ha hjälp så är det bara att skicka ett meddelande till mig.