Sting prøver / Stitch samples

I've done some stitch samples in both thin and thick yarn.
I will at this point just name the stitch next to the sample. Each sample have a small text in danish, if you want it translated, just let me know.


Brodén (UOOO/UUUOO F1) - thin yarn                    

Mammen (UOO/UUOO F1) - thick yarn

Mammen (UOO/UUOO F1
- thin yarn

York (UU/OOO F1) aka Coppergate - thick yarn

York (UU/OOO F1) aka Coppergate - thin yarn

Fåberg (UUO/UOO F2) - medium size yarn

Finnish stitch 2+2 aka Finsk 2+2 (UUOO/UUOOO F1) - thin yarn

Knaphul (-/-O F1) aka tungesting (buttonhole) - thin yarn

Långaryd (UOOOO/UUUUOO F1) - thin yarn

Rådmansö (UOOO/UUUUO F1) - thin yarn

Oslo (UO/UOO F1) aka Lund/Lunda m.fl - thin yarn

Ukendt navn / Unknown name (UU/OOU F1) - thin yarn

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