Nålbinding on display in Falköbing Museum in Sweden

On December 9th 2018, Falköbing Museum in Sweden, open an exhibit about Nålbinding and the Åsle Mitten and the 100 anniversery of the find.

The Museum have asked several nalbinders to send pictures of their nålbinding and to write a small text about themselves. These nalbinders are a part of the exhibit and I am fortunate to be asked to be part of it.
I can't wait to see pictures from the exhibit =D

You can read more about it here: https://www.falkoping.se/falbygdensmuseum/

I have taken som pictures from the page, if the link stops working.

Collection of patterns from the Advent Calender 2017

Before we begin with the Nålbinding Christmas Calender 2018, I have promised to make an empty post, where we can put the patterns from last year, so they are easy to find.

I will edit this post when I find the time for it.