December 1st 2018

Christmas time is here...

... and so is the first pattern in this years Nålbinding Christmas Calendar =)

Tiny Santa Hat - perhaps as an egg-warmer

Download the pattern in your preferred language here:


Nålbinding on display in Falköbing Museum in Sweden

On December 9th 2018, Falköbing Museum in Sweden, open an exhibit about Nålbinding and the Åsle Mitten and the 100 anniversery of the find.

The Museum have asked several nalbinders to send pictures of their nålbinding and to write a small text about themselves. These nalbinders are a part of the exhibit and I am fortunate to be asked to be part of it.
I can't wait to see pictures from the exhibit =D

You can read more about it here: https://www.falkoping.se/falbygdensmuseum/

I have taken som pictures from the page, if the link stops working.

Collection of patterns from the Advent Calender 2017

Before we begin with the Nålbinding Christmas Calender 2018, I have promised to make an empty post, where we can put the patterns from last year, so they are easy to find.

I will edit this post when I find the time for it.


4th of Advent 2017

4th pattern of Advent 2017 is here. Sorry for the delay.

English: Santa's Pants






3rd of Advent 2017

3rd pattern of Advent is fineally here - sorry for the delay.

English: Glass Gnome







2nd of advent 2017

2nd pattern of advent is here.

English: Poinsettia by Amy Vander Vorste







1st of advent 2017

This year we will give you a patten for every Sunday of Advent.

Download here:

English: Viking doll by Karin Byom

Norsk: Vikingdukke av Karin Byom





Have fun and Merry Christmas =D

List of all the Christmas patterns from 2016

Merry Christmas everyone :-)

Someone told me, that it would be nice to have alle the patterns from last year, all in one post.
This post will eventually have them all, when I have the time to link to them all.


My booklets

My friend Eva Bolinder, who also did the layout for the Christmas Calender 2016, said that it would be great with a lay of the land on my many booklets, so that you all can see, how far I am with getting them translated into other languages.

Here is how it looks right now.

I'm working on layouting the ones I have gotten my friends to translate into English and setting up for easier translation into the other languages.
But it looks like I will have pattern booklets on the way in English and German within the next year and maybe even before summer, if I can get some help translating =D