2. Advent Sunday 2022

Christmas Dove

We have already reached the 2. Sunday of Advent and we hope you are ready for another lovely pattern to help you get in the Christmas spirit. 


1. Advent Sunday 2022

 Little Nisse

The 1. Advent Sunday is upon us, and this year we have a little nisse to help you all to kickstart the Christmas month.


You can download your preferred language here:

Liten Nisse - SWE


Just another Christmas update...

 Hi all.

I'm just poppin' in to let you all know, that we are currently making sure the Advent patterns will be ready for you all for the next 4 Advent Sundays this year.

We try to have the Advent pattern ready at 00.01 Danish Time every Sunday, but things like life, sometimes delay that.

This year we are translating the patterns into several languages, besides English, Danish, German and Swedish which we usually have. This year we also have Italian, Spanish, Dutch and French, so it will appeal to even more people.

Hope you enjoy our little festive Nålbinding Advent Calender.

Merry Christmas.


First Advent 2021

Now our Advent Calendar is finally online. 

We hope you enjoy our patterns. 

Merry Christmas. 

Danish Stitch Snowflake 

Download your preferred language here:

Snowflake - ENG

Snefnug - DK

Schneeflocke - GER

Snöflinga - SWE


Fourth Advent Sunday 2020

Snowman Bauble

Download your preferred language here:

This was the last Christmas pattern of 2020. 

We hope you have enjoyed following the calender and we hope you will join us again next year.

If you want to participate with a pattern for next year, please contact me either here on the blog or through Facebook.

Merry Christmas =)
 - Maria



List of all patterns from the Christmas Calender 2018

Here I will put a list of all the patterns we had in 2018 from the Christmas Calender.

This years calender, will follow from tomorrow =)


December 25th 2018

Christmas morning

For the people, who celebrate Christmas on the 25th instead, here is a small and fast nålbinding project, that can be made, when one needs a bit of time to sit and relax.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays =)


Christmas Flower

Download your preferred language here:


December 24th 2018

Christmas eve

Not many people, who celebrate Christmas on the 24th, have time to sit and needlebind on this day, but we have saved a simple pattern for this day, that can be done in a jiffy and look nice on the Christmastree.

Merry Christmas =D


Christmas Tree Ornament

Download your preferred language here: