A bit of news....

This December, the blog will host a Christmas Calender with 25 patterns for Nålbinding.
Like last year, they will come in different languages. This year the patterns will be available in German, Danish, English and Swedish.

The Advent Calender from 2015, will be available in German soon as well, but need to be layouted first and we have our hands full with the Christmas Calender right now, so it might take some time.

Other news...
My new booklet with Connection Stitches is printed, unfortunenatly it is only in Danish at the moment, but it will be translated into other languages in the coming year, as well as all my other booklets.
I have gotten a new way of showing my booklets so I thought I would show it off =)
In the bottom right corner, you can see my friend Ann Ravn's new booklet. It is her first on her own. That one is also only in Danish at the moment, but will be translated in the coming year.
You can order from her, via her profile on Facebook.

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